10 years of Galerie Holzburg

May 8 - June 12, 2015

Artists of the gallery

Lioba Abrell, Ursel Arndt, Basem Pablo Al Bacha Fernández, Dorothea Franz, Waltraud Frese, Andrea Froneck-Kramer, Delia Henss, Sabine Große, Merja Herzog-Hellstén, Anja Köhne, Kati Liebert, Susanne Ludwig, Elke Mark, Rosa Merk, Bodo Runte, Gabriele Schwark, Sperrmüllpiloten, Susanne Wagner, Raul Walch

Opening on 8 May at 3 pm

Program: May 29 Guided tour through the exhibition afterwards discussion "10 Jahre Galerie Holzburg - a retrospective view". 19 June, 3 pm: Guided tour of the exhibition, followed by a presentation of the film by Dieter Reiffarth on the performance of the bulky jolting pilots

Opening hours: Sun 2 pm to 6 pm and by appointment