121 Millimeter

In my garden a stone is standing with the title "Interior 5" from Lioba Abrell, as a separate and independent part of a set. I see it every day, during the seasons with all the changes. An erratic block from the foothills of the Alps ended up in front of my front door in the Schwalm.

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100 X

The well rounded stones from the river Iller, the artist Lioba Abrell uses for her work 100 X, are the result of natures activity. As vagabonds in a permanently changing riverbed they lost in years and decades their sharp edges as fragments.

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Lumen 11

More then one year after it begun, the cycle "Lumina" is finding its conclusion in this eleventh work. It is made of lined up beams, their outside at first sight graces perfect, their interior still will be eaten from red rot.

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Lumen 10 - 30 Meter

"only through borders my sculpture becomes visible"

The sculptor, Lioba Abrell, preferes nature material. Her sculptures are covers of carved wood and stone. She hollows out the material in a long and careful process to the maximum capacity, only the edges still standing.

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Aurora - swimming stone

Making new things visible, as Lioba Abrell puts it, seems to be at the heart of her work, as is the use of Estremoz marble. If the trained stone sculptor designed fragile body parts in earlier work from this bright, beige-colored natural stone, the development now seems to become something immaterial:

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