Werkblock 18, CAMBO ARTE, urban visions - Sketches for a city

For the Kempten anniversary, the artists of the BBK want to use their potential to enhance Kempten's quality of life. The desired reconquest of the city through communicative freedom for its citizens is a task for the whole of society. When it comes to the design of public space, we can not escape the socio-political debate. 

Our planned projects and the resulting tasks can only be solved in an interdisciplinary manner, especially since structural specifications and circumstances must also be taken into account. That's why we depend on the advice and involvement of city planners, architects and ultimately all citizens. Together with them, we want to use the example of individual local conditions to question the existing approaches and try to think ahead or even develop ideas for a redesign. Pupils will - in cooperation with the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Architektur - try out opportunities for participation in the artistic and cultural life of the city of Kempten.  

We bravely face this self-chosen task, which is an experiment whose result we want to put up for discussion in Kemtpen's Kunsthalle.  

Vernissage: Friday, 29th of june 2018, 7pm

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 3 - 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday: 12 - 6 pm

Duration: June 30 to July 15, 2018