Lumen 10 - 30 Meter

"only through borders my sculpture becomes visible"

material: A Piece of local Pine, 30 meters high.

Sawn up and hollowed out into 25 - 0,7 cm long pieces with an itself rejuvenating diameter of 55 - 1 cm.

The sculptor, Lioba Abrell, preferes nature material. Her sculptures are covers of carved wood and stone. She hollows out the material in a long and careful process to the maximum capacity, only the edges still standing.

For her examination work she will saw up and hollow out a pine tree, infested by pest, . During her work bark crumbles away, sometimes the hollowed out materal breaks up, thus forming a crack and solid border is broken through.

The sculptures are arranged lengthwise onto the ground. The installation for the exhibition "Examen08" in the Documentahalle will consist of 40 meters of hollowed out, lined up trunks.

The form of the pine is being transformed, although its primary form is not changing itself essentially. The result is the visible made interior of the trunk surrounded from its outside layers. Over the course of time more and more bark will crumble away, then pattering of beetle damage could appear. Perhaps there will be cracks in the border. Natural materials are changing and declining as a natural process.

For the present an archaic experience - life, work and dying in connection with the tree is deeply present for us. Countless works made from wood, which accompany our life (to mention just some: cradle, furniture, coffin, at the resent past even the death-boards in the rural area... )

Lioba Abrell has taken upon herself an immense task. The work needs craftmanship, discipline, and manual work dealing with the material, but also with her imagination from within and to the border, in regard to death and life.

The work belongs into a series which is called "Lumina".

In biology "lumen" is the name for the inner - wordly translation - inside width of the interior of hollow organs in contrary to the space on the outside. A lumen will be found for example in the interior of the bowel, the blood vessel and the stomach from mammals or the respiration organs, also the bowel from insects. In plants lumen designates the cavity of a tracheid cell. Out from the lumen of the neural tube develops the human being and the mammal the ventricle system of the brain and the central channel of the spinal cord.

If the hollowed out wood pieces are lying each together, light is flowing through the cavity. From both sides you can see the tree interior. The several woodsculptures are arranged onto the ground, it is creating a room surrounded by a border.

An empty room can be threatening, but also make room for the fullness, which is to discover. But no room without borders. Transfered to the human life: room between life and death.

For the viewer the joy of her creating is felt. One is anxious to her further artistic way.

Anna Brenner, 2008
Translation: Ken Moseley